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Couple: Elise L. & Kelli H.
Married At: Multnomah County, OR
Date Married: March 8th, 2004
Where They Live: Washington

Our Wedding Story:

We met in 1991 in Indianapolis, Indiana. I (Elise) had moved from Tacoma, Washington to Indianapolis, Indiana for a job with the United States Rowing Association. Kelli had recently graduated from Purdue, shaved her head and moved to Indianapolis from West Lafayette for her first real job as a graphic designer. We dated several times through out the course of 6 months. We finally got tired of traveling to and from each others apartments and decided to move in together. We lived in Indiana for 4 years until I told Kelli that I hated Indiana. It was flat, very hot in the summer, very cold in the winter, had no diversity and they still allowed KKK rallies on the steps of the State capitol.
We escaped Indiana about 10 years ago and are happily living in Seattle. We decided to get married because - we could. We wanted to make a statement, we wanted to help create change and we love each other dearly. We were married on March 8th in Portland Oregon at the Lucky Lab Brew Pub. It was an amazing day to be a part of the movement. We now call each other wife "hey wife - get me a beer". We feel closer and love the fact that we have a Marriage Certificate.
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