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Couple: Kele K. & Christopher S.
Married At: Multnomah County, OR
Date Married: March 4th, 2004
Where They Live: Washington

Our Wedding Story:

We met over a year and a half ago at a convention. Things just clicked and when we heard on March 2nd about Portland/Multnomah County, OR starting to do ceremonies we decided the time was right to do it. We arranged to go down to Portland for the license and meet a local friend (who'd given us the news about the ceremonies) there.
It was a hectic day but the mood was good. There were only about 4 protestors and about a dozen supporters, including a fellow doing wedding photos for couples. We barely managed to get to a nearby location that had various ministers doing ceremonies before they stopped for the day.
We had a small civil ceremony as Chris isn't very religious and I'm not part of an organized religion (but am very spiritual and bothered by all the religious strong-arming by Christians on allowing marriages for same-sex partners).
My parents were both supportive (my father surprised me there) and they have met Chris before. We did surprise a lot of our friends, some of whom thought we weren't really in love.
For those interested we do have an online wedding album up with pics and video clips: http://www.aeyrie.net/~kestrel/wedding/index.html
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