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Couple: Lainy B. & Julia K.
Married At: Multnomah County, OR
Date Married: March 26th, 2004
Where They Live: Washington

Our Wedding Story:

Lainy and I got married in Portland, Oregon, about a three hour drive from our home in Seattle. We did it with the help of Basic Rights Oregon, who set up an extremely easy and smooth way to find out how to do it, where to go and what to expect. They took all of the legwork out of it for us, including a place with different officiants, in which to have the ceremony.
We have been together over 14 years and off and on throughout those years, we have talked about a committment ceremony but somehow the timing or the money or the urgency just never was right. When the nation began to have this tremdous sweep of gay marriages across it's lands, we felt an upsurge of hope and pride and love and activism and so we decided to take advantage of a pre-planned short trip to Portland and do it while we were down there.
After filling out the license forms three times and then finally getting it filled out correctly, we went on to the ceremony site, where many people were waiting to get married or getting married and a line of diverse officiants waiting to marry us:) We had talked with one, Carol Carmick, the week before and she was there in her priestess robes.
We had changed outside of the site into our wedding clothes under the awning of a strip club across the street, as it had begun to rain. Somehow, the strip club made sense.
Carol was gracious enough to accomodate our own vows, as well as our desire to step on glasses for good luck in the Jewish tradition, along with her own speech. We had flowers and candles and two lovely witnesses, Maria and Jerry, whom we had never met before and I think that was part of the joy; getting these needs met by complete strangers who were on the same side, so to speak.
I believe that both Lainy and I were far more struck by wonderment, love and tears than we had expected to be, when we actually exchanged vows and were pronouced legal partners/spouses.
I don't think either one of us expected to have this happen in our lifetime and it really hit us in a big and amazing way.
Right now, we are in the throngs of family and friends announcements and parties back home here in Seattle and we are also kind of amazed at how much support we've been given and respect, too. We know that we are in for a court battle or a possible recinding of the legality of this act and we went into it knowing it may happen, but....no one can take away what we did and what we felt and what we put on the line to stand up and show the world who we are and we think that is worth something huge.
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