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Couple: Carl C. & James M.
Married At: San Francisco, CA
Date Married: February 14th, 2004
Where They Live: Texas

Our Wedding Story:

James and I met a little over 3 years ago and it was an instant bond. We had a few rough patches like most couples but, we worked everything out with very little effort. I just think we needed time to really get to know each other and work together to adapt to our new life together.
We knew very early on that we were meant to be a couple and would always be together but never felt marriage would be an option for us in our lifetime. So the story begins.
We made plans in October to take a trip to San Francisco for Valentines weekend to exchange rings and have a personal ceremony of our own. We ended up not getting rings before the trip because a few unexpected expenses like car problems, pets to the vet, etc. so plans were a altered a bit.
We were going to continue our personal ceremony without the rings because it really didn't matter. Well, I found out at the airport that I had a sudden windfall and the cash landed in our laps for rings! We were still on our way to San Francisco and the plans were back in place.
We landed at SFO and were on our way to pick up our luggage when I turned on my cell phone and had a voice mail from my friend we were coming to visit. He works at city hall and called to let us know they were giving marriage licenses to gay couples. We were shocked that this was happening on the day we got there, a day we picked in October. Also having a friend that works at city hall. This was meant to happen, there is no doubt about it.
We decided to wait till Valentines Day since we realized they were not going to stop the services before that date. We had to pick the most romantic day possible for our wedding.
We woke up more excited than any morning known to either of us in our lives. We put on clothes as fast as possible and got to city hall at 8:00ish am to get in line. Yes, the line was already going around the building!
This, however, was a line we were happy to be part of. The people we waited with were wonderful. The buzz in the air could be felt by all of us. We talked with so many people about their lives and what lead them to that moment.
The wait was 5 hours but it seemed far shorter. The weather was perfect and the company was grand. We finally get through the doorway and into the building and and see where we are going and what to expect. We could see couples getting married upstairs in groups of various sizes and dress. Some were very prepared with tuxedos, etc. Others were like us, just coming as fast as they could in whatever they had to wear.
We got past through filing our license and were off to the upper floor where the ceremony would take palace.
I had to take a second before going forward to with the rest of the people that came up with us because I couldn't catch my breath. I was about as red as a person could get without being sunburned! I was so nervous which was unexpected. It hit me all at once that this was really going to happen.
We finally get in place and talk talk for a moment with the person performing the ceremony. Once it started and I looked in James' eyes I could hardly understand what was being said around me. I could only think how happy I was and could see the same feelings in his eyes.
Once it was my turn to speak I barely got through it. I messed up half the words but, it was OK. As my friends who witnessed and James said, it was cute and sweet.
I can honestly say things seem very different for us now. We stood before our friends and the world and professed our love for each other. We are together for life and nothing can change that. We want this to become legitimate within the law but, the moment cannot be taking away or tainted.
Legal or not, we are not Carl and James Melton-Cordell forever.
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