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Couple: Aixa A. & Johanna E.
Married At: Ontario, Canada
Date Married: May 25th, 2004
Where They Live: Puerto Rico

Our Wedding Story:

Something butch, something femme
plastic flowers and a lavender pen
now throw in some leather to keep us together
that is what's needed for a fine lesbian wedding. by Aixa
It was just another gay panel, of mismatched lesbians and themes in a feminist conference at the State University of Puerto Rico. I (Aixa) was a poet, Johanna a lawyer and both worlds&Mac226; apart. We started dating months after that, thanks to a friend who thought we had something in common. After the first date we (I) stuck together as glue until Johanna surrendered to love three months after that.
We have been together for almost 7 years. Although we had a commitment ceremony in 1997 during a LLEGO conference in Puerto Rico, Johanna proposed marriage on Canada on March and I ecstatically accepted. Getting married in Toronto filled us with great joy and pride.
We are the first gay married couple to go public in Puerto Rico and our married status was covered (with photos) along with Gay Pride Parade coverage (June 7, 2004) on the two mayor newspapers in the Island.
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