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Couple: Karen Savage & Laura Schweger
Married At: Multnomah County, Oregon
Date Married: March 17th, 2004
Where They Live: Bend, Oregon

Our Wedding Story:
Karen and I originally had a comitment ceremony on March 22 of 2003. All of our closest family and friends were there. We thought it was all we would ever want.
That changed on December 15th, 2003 when Karen was diagnosed with breast cancer. Forced to face the reality of a potentially fatal illness, we wanted a stronger, legal union.
In the midst of chemotherapy, hairloss and generalized sickness Karen and I taveled to the Multnoma County court house to get our wedding liscense. We had waited about 2 weeks before going so there were not quite as big of lines and crowds. We arrived before the doors opened in the morning, and the people waiting in line were like us, smiling, joyfull......just happy to be a part of this experience.
I am thankfull to the Human Rights Coalition who had volteered there time to make the process organized, simple and upbeat. In the line there was cheering. There were photographs and tears.
The next step was to travel around the corner to the make shift chapel to exchange wedding vows. They had options for ministers of many different faiths. We chose to have our union performed by two women of a non-denominational organization.
It was beautiful. It was personal. It was perfect. A cello played as we again exchanged our rings, and the cello player doubled as a witness as we traveled to Portland alone.
We have since met with our accountant and lawyer and both have hopes that the federal goverment will recognize our Oregon State wedding. In the mean time we have it written into our trust that we are a legally wedded couple using the same legal verbage that straight couples enjoy.
Karen is done with treatment and underwent a bilateral mastectomy in April. She is considered cured, and it is now time to move on.
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