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Couple: Jay B. & Brook G.
Married At: New Paltz, NY
Date Married: February 27th, 2004
Where They Live: New York

Our Wedding Story:

We are an unlikely success story from New York City, where romantic dysfunction plagues all urban overachievers -- but gays seem to get hit hardest by it.
Thankfully, neither my man nor I were party animals or crystal addicts. Just two gayboys in their mid-30s, looking for love. Brook answered my personal in a tawdry little local bar rag called Homo Xtra. But the ad was not tawdry; it was romantic.
Like lesbians with a vengeance, we had moved in together within a month of dating in May, 1998.
We applied for domestic partnership in NYC in April, 2000. We had a civil union ceremony in Vermont in October, 2000. We aim to get married in as many ways -- and as often -- as we can, for two reasons: To declare our love to the world and to protest homophobic hatred.
So it was that we were hitched in New Paltz on Feb 27, 2004. No doubt you saw us on TV or in the newspaper. We were the two guys who hoisted our bouquets in victory and then my husband -- a handsome balding cuss in a goatee -- blew kisses to the audience.
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