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Couple: Mark K. & David G.
Married At: San Francisco, CA
Date Married: February 16th, 2004
Where They Live: California

Our Wedding Story:

David and I met on the internet, in 2001, due to our weblogs which were frequented by one another. After an extensive two-way email campaign, we met and started seeing each other every weekend - no small feat, since we lived 200 miles apart (David in San Francisco and I in Fresno).
After a year of the courtship, I managed to find a fitting job in San Francisco and moved in with David. It's only gotten better. We were in Fresno Valentines Day weekend visiting my parents when we started seeing the news about what was happening back home. We rushed back up Sunday afternoon and found our places in the camp-out line outside City Hall.
We waited all night in the freezing cold and pouring rain. I've never seen so much rain in California, but it wasn't enough to scare us off. After about 15 hours freezing on the sidewalk, exhausted and about to pass out from lack of sleep, they let us in.
This was the day more people were married than any other, and so it was like being herded like sheep through City Hall befor our turn finally came, and it was wonderful.
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