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Couple: Douglas G. & Michael V.
Married At: San Francisco, CA
Date Married: February 14th, 2004
Where They Live: California

Our Wedding Story:

Our story began over 20 years ago at a disco in Dayton, Ohio. I was standing by the bar when Michael came up to me and asked me to dance. 23 years later, we were finally able to legalize our relationship in San Francisco.
Do we need a piece of paper? No. However, we have used every opportunity that we can find to declare our love and our relationship to others.
We had a Holy Union at MCC Dayton back in 1985. We had a civil union in Vermont in 2001. We were married in Victoria BC last year and now, finally a marriage in the United States.
Unfortunately, because I work for the US Government, I am not able to even put Michael on my insurance at work. Even though suppossedly our marriage is recognized in Canada as being legal in Canada, it is still not recoginized here as other people who have gotten married in Canada.
2/14/04 - What a wonderful day. We stood in line for about 2 and a half hours. We met some wonderful couples while we were in line, including one couple with a child. Michael and I both fell in love with the less than 2 year old child.
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