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Couple: Jane Hamilton & Joy Mashura
Married At: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Date Married: June 28th, 2003
Where They Live: British Columbia, Canada

We're in the centre of the picture flanked by Melinda and Tanya. Tanya and Melinda had their reception in Kimberly, BC, September 6 2003.

Our Wedding Story:

Joy and I were one of 8 British Columbia couples who took Canada's federal government to court to fight for same-sex marriage rights. In Canada, the only prohibition against ssm was federal; the law was changed from "one man and one woman" to "two persons" in June of 2003, though initially only Ontario recognized it. On July 8 2004, BC, forced by the courts, began to marry same-sex couples. In March of 2004, Quebec began. The other provinces are waiting to be forced, though it's technically legal across the country up here.
Joy and I flew to ON with litigant couple Melinda Roy and Tanya Chambers and wed in a double ceremony in the courthouse in Toronto on Pride weekend June 28 2003. We'd been together just over 10 years, and Tawn and Melinda had been together 8. We held our reception back home in Vancouver August 9 2003.
The 8 BC litigant couples maintain a web site about the case at http://www.queermarriage.com, which I edit. A photographer and writer, I am honoured to be the photographer at many of these historic and poignant weddings. I urge couples to contribute to 7000 strong so our stories are never lost.
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